You can make mistakes.

Feel uncertain.

And still SUCCEED.

No matter where you are in your life, I am here to help guide you back to your truth and your calling. If you feel disconnected from your day to day, or just plain LOST, I want to talk to you and help you find the clarity you seek.

Browse my service options below. If something piques your interest and you’d like to talk more, OR if you are just not sure where to start…contact me.



virtual or in-person

Coaching helps you establish and achieve goals to enhance the quality of your life.  Sessions are designed around a curriculum that is specific to well-being and exploring strategies that increase your happiness and help you continue with progress. I work with you to identify your goals, highlight your strengths, and explore your resources.



virtual or in-person

Training, workshops, and 1:1 interactions are a few ways to incorporate ideas and strategies for teams and enhance well-being.  Support your team with practical knowledge that increases their sense of well-being and give them an opportunity to learn more about themselves.  I can adjust learning objectives to your organizational interests and ensure your team walk away with tangible ways to increase their own well-being as well as promote well-being to others.



virtual or in-person for Missouri residents only

Counseling explores the root cause of distress and unease and is designed to help you heal from emotional wounds and suffering.  I integrate a variety of approaches that focus on both the past and present to move you closer to healing.


Clinical Supervision

virtual or in-person

Individual and group supervision is available for master’s level social workers.  My clinical interests include neuroscience, brain-body connections, anxiety, and trauma informed services.  My background is heavily focused the area of adolescent and adult health and as well as a strong foundation in education and administration.