You can make mistakes.

Feel uncertain.

And still SUCCEED.

No matter where you are in your life, I am here to help guide you back to your truth and your calling. If you feel disconnected from your day to day, or just plain LOST, I want to talk to you and help you find the clarity you seek.

Browse my service options below. If something piques your interest and you’d like to talk more, OR if you are just not sure where to start…contact me.


Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI) Personality Assessment

available by phone or in person

Do you know the strongest aspect of your personality?  How does it impact your health and well-being?  If you are ready to learn more and understand the dynamics of your temperament and character traits call me today.  I help you understand what it all means and ways you can use the results to increase your well-being.



available by phone, skype, or in person

Do you know what you want but unsure how to achieve it?  Or are you feeling stuck and ready to move forward?  Coaching may be the fit for you.  It is designed to help you establish and achieve goals to enhance the quality of your life.  Sessions are designed around a curriculum that is specific to well-being and exploring strategies that increase your happiness and help you continue with progress.



available by phone, skype, or in person

Training and Workshops:  are you a leader who wants to support your team with practical knowledge that increases their sense of well-being and give them an opportunity to learn more about themselves?  If so, contact me to today to find out more about the various types of trainings and workshops I can offer.

Workshops are designed to be engaging and include practical strategies that foster success.  A few of my most popular training topics include:  The Science of Happiness, Ensuring Competency through Self-Care, and Increasing Mental Resiliency

Supervision:  are you a recent MSW graduate and looking for a supervisor with an interest in mind-body connections and client centered approaches?  If so, I may be a good fit for as your clinical supervisor.  My background is heavily focused on adolescent health and I have a strong foundation in education and administration.  Contact me today and we can explore this possibility.



available in person

If you feel that you would like to explore more of root causes related to a current issue or difficult experience in your past, therapy may be more appropriate for you.  Therapy is more focused on helping you recover and heal from experiences so you can move forward.  I utilize various approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy, and solution focused strategies.