Hi! I’m Regina.

I help professionals like you who feel like there is something “more” to life and are ready to explore who you are and who you want to be.

My approach encompasses mind, body, and spirit  and is intended to help you draw out your meaning, purpose, and connection so you can live a more fulfilled life.   I’m talking about meaningful things, the things that support long-lasting happiness versus those things that bring moments of pleasure that fade over time.

Some of my favorite things to do include exploring nature, getting to know people, learning new things, and listening to music. I have lived in St. Louis for almost 20 years and it feels like home but I love to travel and experience new cities and different cultures.

I could go on about my interests and hobbies but you are most likely wanting to know what skills and experience I can offer you as a professional. Let me pause here and talk a little more about my experience.

I’ve been interested in helping others for as long as I can remember and it was a natural fit when I concentrated my education and training in social work. I graduated from Southeast Missouri State University in 1999 with my Bachelor’s Degree and continued working in the field while attending graduate school at the University of Missouri a few years later.

After I completed my graduate work, I began working as an administrator and was responsible for oversight and management of a health center. It was an incredible time; I was surrounded my determined visionaries establishing a new model of care for adolescents and young adults. In addition to learning new skills and navigating the complex world of healthcare administration, I also learned more about myself and what type of work I find most satisfying. My best days were when I was working 1:1 with people, helping them establish goals and guiding them as they figured out what they needed most.

So, after a few years in a leadership role, I took the plunge and returned to direct service. It felt right. I loved being an unbiased witness as they navigated the complexities of life and experienced deep satisfaction in helping them uncover their own strengths and resources.

As I established my practice, I started wondering how I could strengthen my services. I wanted to go beyond managing distress and just decreasing symptoms for people. I wanted to facilitate sustainable change that integrated the whole person. All of my training had taught me how to assess, diagnose, and treat issues but there was much on how to incorporate an approach that includes the mind, body, and spirit. I started looking for and participating in more trainings and ultimately found a program that met my needs. I spent more than 2 years integrating information on biology, philosophy, culture, psychology, genetics, neuroscience, and sociology to help understand and know the whole self.

I integrate my training into my practice not only as a practitioner but also as a clinical supervisor through a plethora of resources to gain perspective and understanding of problems and experiences. I also continue to do my own work to sustain well-being and satisfaction. Ultimately, I believe that we all have a deep and profound knowledge of who we are and it’s a matter of navigating this knowledge through awareness and intention that creates a deeper sense of calm, peace, and long-lasting satisfaction.

That’s a little about me and my hope is that you get a sense of how I approach my work. If you feel that I may be a good fit to support you, please reach out.