Regina has an infectious energy that shines through in her presentations and interactions with others. She loves watching people grow and celebrating their successes! She is truly committed to helping each individual find their own path to their innermost potential. M. Rodman

Regina is compassionate and wise. After talking with Regina I always feel seen, understood, and have a deeper understanding of whatever is going on with me at the time. It is not every day you get to work with someone who has this level of talent and skill. If you’re looking to make meaningful change in your life do yourself the favor of working with Regina!  Abby Howard, MSW, LCSW, Psychotherapist and Certified Life Coach

Regina truly knows and understands the benefits of self-care and self-awareness and is able to teach in a simple but impactful way. She has shown me ways to make my life more enjoyable and how to bring happiness in to others’ lives.  I am grateful for her energy and her thoughtfulness.

I did not understand what a well-being coach was until I worked with Regina.  It was life changing.  From the exercises to the inspiring videos and discussions, she has helped me through my journey towards awareness and happiness.  Michele W.

Regina is able to connect with people in a way that feels natural and easy.  When you work with her, you can’t help but feel her positive energy.  You can tell she really cares about you and wants to help you find ways to feel better.  C. Christie