How your phone can actually help your mental health.

  Posted On:  February 12, 2023

Usually when we look at our phone it can prompt a stress response.

The emails, messages, shocking news, or tasks can cause our nervous system to instantly go into high alert.

It’s time to shift that energy to something good and use our phone to help our mental health.

We start by going to the place that is most personal to us; our gallery of photos.

Because when we gaze at picture of someone we love it has incredible positive effects on our well-being.  It initiates the process of imagination.  When we see a picture of someone or something familiar, our brain recognizes the image and begins associating the familiar emotions and experiences with that image

Here are just some of the benefits of looking at the face of someone you love in your gallery:

  • It can reduce the amount of stress hormones in your body
  • It can improve your self-esteem and sense of connection
  • It can evoke happy memories
  • It can reduce anxiety and even lower your blood pressure

And if someone else shares a picture with you of someone they love or a new baby, it doubles down on these positive effects by promoting social connections and a sense of community.  When you look at a newborn baby (even if you don’t know them personally), it can remind you of your own loved ones and help you feel connected to others who are experiencing the joy of parenthood.

So as you get ready for a well-deserved weekend break, take a look through your own camera roll for one of the special people in your life (baby, adult, or a pet that you love deeply) and notice how your body feels when you simply gaze at their picture for 30 seconds or so.