Calm your thoughts with your body

  Posted On:  October 4, 2022

It is easier to calm your thoughts with your body than to calm your body with your thoughts.  


Often, there is an idea that we can think our way in or out of feelings.  However, the automatic systems in our bodies are way more powerful than the thought process.

So the next time you are feeling stressed or anxious about something, notice how your body feels and concentrate on an aspect of movement, breathing, or your senses.

When you do this, it provides a more effective path to introduce thoughts and ideas that will strengthen the calming signals.

This is also a powerful way to help someone else is may not feel emotionally regulated. You can utilize your neurobiology by modeling a slower paced breath or simply sitting still and peaceful which allows the other person’s brain to pick up your calm cues through a process of mirror neurons.

A common example would be someone saying “Hey, just relax, it will all be okay.”  VERSUS someone sitting with you, saying nothing at all and simply holding your hand while they take a few steady breaths.

As always, try it out for yourself and see what helps you most and then keep practicing!