Action items to help you live your truth in all you do.

  Posted On:  January 30, 2021

I saw this picture in a home décor store, it was just the words, “Be true to who you are.”  The simple text and frame spoke to me like it was a neon sign flashing.  The message is so simple and it rings so true that you feel in in your bones.

Being true to yourself is the most natural and easiest thing to do, right?  Well…yes, and no.  Yes, it’s the most natural, but no it’s not easy at times.  I believe that each of us is an expert in our own lives and that we know who we are but sometimes it feels like a million things keeps us from living our true self out loud.

There may be a variety of things that are getting in the way from being true to yourself, but the majority of roadblocks are rooted in a common denominator; fear. It can be fear of being judged, fear of being criticized, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, and even fear of success.  Yes, you heard me right.  Sometimes the thing that is anchoring our deepest fear is the worry that somehow we will actually be successful.  The good news is you can knock down the barriers of fears and uncertainty with a few simple strategies and get unstuck and back to your path of well-being.

Action Item #1

Get clear on what matters most.

Determine your top 3 values.  What holds the most meaning to you in you life?  What do you cherish more than anything?  Once you clarify your values, take a look to see how much time and energy you actually spend doing things related to those values.  If things don’t add up the way you like, it’s time to figure out how to do more of what matters.


Action Item #2

Surround yourself with similar energy

Notice who you spend time with both at work and outside of work.  How would you describe those people?  And most importantly, do you feel restored or drained after interacting with them?  This is your opportunity to be intentional about the people you spend time with.  Notice who makes you smile, who generates hope and inspiration.  Seek those people out more often!


Action item #3

Make self-care your top priority

If you are rolling your eyes right now at the idea of self-care, I get it.  This is the no-judgment zone so don’t worry about how many cookies you ate yesterday or how long it’s been since you got 8 hours of sleep.  Subsequently, if those things are important to you (refer back to Action Item #1) then it’s time to make a shift.  Self-care is a strategy to build a life you don’t feel the need to escape. It’s about the day-to-day things that generate a sense of satisfaction.  It’s about interactions that energize you.  And most importantly, it’s about being true to you.

Putting it all together

When you are clear on your values it becomes easier to recognize interactions and items that support and inspire you.  In turn, those values help you become intentional about who and how you spend your time and energy.  And when you make self-care a priority, not only do you restore that energy for the things that matter most, you also reinforce the knowledge that you are worthy of care and love.

Bottom line:  you already know the truth of who you are.  These strategies simply serve as a reminder of how to align your time and efforts to that truth.