Be Kind Valentine

  Posted On:  February 12, 2018

Valentine’s Day is all about love.

We can describe love in many different ways and we all have strategies to express it.  But what if for the sake of simplicity, we define love as kindness?  When we are kind we are not only loving towards others, but towards ourselves.

More and more research demonstrates the lasting effects of acts of kindness.  Not only is the impact lasting, but it is immediate as well.  Test it out for yourself.  Start your day with the intention of being kind.  Then perform as many acts of kindness as you can or if you are feeling particularly inspired, go for the whole week.  Notice how your overall level of happiness improves.

Here are a few Acts of Kindness to get you started:

Hold a door open for someone

Leave a thank you note for coworker or staff member

Listen deeply as a friend/acquaintance talks to you and refrain from interrupting while they speak

Call an old friend and tell them how grateful you are for their friendship

Write a letter to someone

Offer to walk a neighbor’s dog

Spend time with someone older than you

Spend time with someone younger than you

Prepare a meal for someone

Pick up litter



Pay for someone’s coffee or lunch

Make a card for someone or send a postcard

Write a positive comment on a social media site

Offer to take notes during a meeting and share with the group

Say “I love you”

Forgive someone

Forgive yourself

Share a recipe

Encourage someone

Make a new friend

Be patient

Resist the urge to gossip

And most importantly:  be kind to yourself.